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Saturday, February 11, 2006

We had a snow blast

Yesterday was awesome! My kids first trip to the snow was absolutely fabulous. Now let me warn you ahead of time that this was my first time at the snow, too. So if my excitement shows through, well, you've been warned.

We started the day out by going to the Forest Buffet restaurant. The restaurant (and the food, for that matter) were nothing to boast about. But the view was absolutely out of this world.

After breakfast, and a long explore to find me some snow pants (long story, maybe I'll tell you later) we headed over to Hansen's resort for some tubing. That was a kick in the pants, literally. But fun it was. All of the kids, except the baby of course - hey, we're not Britney Spears here, had crazy fun crusing down the slopes on intertubes.

The one drawback tot he tubing experience is that the place had no easy way to get back up the hill after you went down the hill. So once you hit the bottom, you were talking back up with your tube.

Now this may not seem like something that should warrant a complaint, but when the snow has been melting for the last few weeks and all that is left in some areas is frozen water on the ground, well, let's just say that seeing a man of my size run in place before his feet decide go flying as he tumbles to the icy ground, is not a pleasant experience. Unless you watching it. Then you can laugh all you want.

After some rest at the cabin we took off in search of a snowy area for the kids to play in. We originally were going to go to Heavenly Ski Resort, but after talking to a few locals they said that Echo Sno-Park would be a better choice. Glad we listened.

This little area, neatly hidden off of Highway 50, was so cool. It is just a little hill side that seems to keep a large blanket of snow on it. There are little pot holes and ramps on the slope so kids can sled or tube or saucer and still catch air if done in the right spot.

Some of the snow is packed so sledding is fast. But some of the snow is loose so you can have snowball fights or make snowmen. So far, of all the places we have been around here, I think I like Echo Sno-Park the best. I think the kids would agree. For now, I will finish off with a few more images then its back to vacation for me.

Looks like someone has a target on you!

But how could she, she's such a (snow)angel...

Mom, Dad... What is the ground so cold?

Looks like some kids are having fun...

... and some others are not.


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