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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A day before a snow day

Tomorrow is the day we leave for the snow. South Lake Tahoe HERE WE COME!

I have not really paid too much attention to the fact that I am making my first trip to the snow in my whole entire lifetime. But now that the time has come I am starting to become very excited. Not only do I get to go to the snow, but I get to share this experience with my family. I am so glad the kids get to do this. I never had this opportunity when I was younger.

Looking back on my childhood... nah, let's not venture to that place yet. I'd rather focus on my kids and how much they are going to enjoy this trip. At least I hope so. They seem to be excited. And if nothing else, they are happy with the clothes their mother got them.

And mom is happy with the clothes she got, also. Me? Not so much. But it's just because I haven't gotten any yet. When I get some I will be happy than hungry man at an all you can eat barbeque.

Well, it is time to get done here. The next time you read from me will either be from Lake Tahoe or from the comfort of my living room after the trip.

PS I promise to post whatever good photos I can take. See ya!


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