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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

HELP!!! The closets are revolting!

Sweet Lord, Christmas brings a heap of stuff! And heaps of stuff bring amazing amounts of clutter, other stuff and stuffy stuff.

The closet, she 'splode
So my wife decided that now would be an excellent time to start organizing. Organizing what. you ask. Everything.

The living room, the bedrooms, the kids' room, the hallway closets, the bedroom closets, the living room closet. Sakes alive, every closet in the house has regurgitated and left it's guts on the floor.

On the bright side everything is getting labeled. Every storage box has a label on it that tells you clearly what is inside. And all the boxes fit nice and neatly in their places in the closets. So now it is just a matter of finding enough space for all the other stuff that isn't meant to be in the closets to go into. That should be fun.

A game closet and a ton of future eBay sales
So in the process of clearing out the closets we came across a bunch of stuff that is probably going to make it to our eBay auction listings. You should have a look because most of them are jackets and other stuff that tends to get lost in a closet (that is until Mom decides to organize).

Cest la vie
Secretly I am applauding my wife for this undertaking. I certainly would not have taken on this mess of a task without being bribed with heavy doses of Taco Bell or Burger King. Nonetheless, it needs to be done and my wife is just the girl to do it. So if it means that I have to organize in order to be able to call this beautiful woman my wife, so be it.

Until the next time, good night. If you don't hear from me within the next 72 hours, send out a search party.


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