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Thursday, December 08, 2005

iBuying, ePodding, Dimensionalizing

The other day iGot an iPod. At first iWas a little intimidated by the small but powerful device. But then iBecame a little more comfortable with it so iStarted to play around with it.

Well, iTell you, this little thing is some kind of cool. iHave the 20GB device that allows for photo storage as well as music and files. The file storage, well that is something that iFind to be the most useful thing. iWas using several different portable media storage devices and iFound that having this many storage devices was insanely frustrating. Which one do iUse today? Do iWant the xD card or the SD card? Or should iTry the MemoryStick. Oh oh, iKnow, iHave my SanDisk flash drive. Maybe iCan use that. It was a total mess every time iThought of storing something. But not anymore!

Staying up late and talking out loud are not meant to peacfully coexist
The other night my wife and I were up late. We were both pretty loopy (partly from the late night Taco Bell and partly from the whole parenting five young kids thing) and as I was talking I said something to the effect of "That's it, I'm ibuying me epod stuff from now on." For all those of you who are married to me this makes perfect sense. To everyone else, well, propose to me and I'll translate.

Smart kids can be eerily intelligent sometimes
It was cute when my then 24 month old started using the term "also" when talking. It was spooky when she started using it correctly.

It was cute when she started using the term actually. It was spooky when she would use the term after a pause in her sentence in which she changed her mind from one thing to another, actually.

It was awesome when my five year old (5 in September) began reading complete sentences just a few weeks after reading her first words. It was astonishing when she read her first young readers book cover to cover. It was downright freaky when she got on the computer the other day and managed to write out, using the key board, "youlovemeiloveyou". She doesn't know where the space bar is. Or where the delete key is.

Enough is enough
OK, bragging time is over. Now it is time to graduate the daytime into night and for me to put the dimensionalizer away before someone gets hurt. What's a dimensionalizer you ask? A tape measure. Hey Buzz Lightyear isn't the only one who likes to use unilateral bonding strip.



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