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Friday, November 18, 2005

Miscellaneous ponderings on a Friday morning

One of the cutest, yet most annoying, things is watching as your two year old daughter rolls around the livingroom screaming "NO!" in a shrill voice because she is mad for not getting something she wants.

The gravitational pull from a large man's belly is strong enough to cause hair to fall from his head and land on his unibrow.

300 square feet of laundry covering your 300 square foot bedroom floor looks like your closet regurgitated.

The smile on the shipping boxes has to have something to do with the billions of dollars in revenue the company generates every Christmas season.

Sometimes two years old is old enough to voice an opinion, 5 years old is old enough to read an opinion, 8 years old is old enough to refute and opinion and 9 years old is old enough to make a joke out of an opinion.

According to 1 out of 1 9 year olds in my household, you can always tell if their is chicken in your garbage can by checking for the "fowl" smell.

My wife has decided that she does not know how to be a woman... the right way.

I have decided that my wife is all woman, all the time. Oh yeah babe, just keep being you. Uh huh, keep being you.


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