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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Flippity, floppity, floop

The boy flipped over today. No, I don't mean he was so excited about today that he flipped. I mean he was laying down on his back one second then the next second he was on his belly. He's a little over four months old now so this is interesting. I say two more months before he starts walking.

Speaking of come accelerated development, our five year old is reading. Not "Hop on Pop" type stuff either. I mean she is reading "Pride and Desire", "No Left Turns", "Warning", "Shell Fuel" and the like. This is insane. Just a few months ago she was still spelling our words like "Red", "Dad" and "Bag". I have got to say, without a doubt, the reason that our children have always been ahead of the curve is because we homeschool. Our kids learn at their pace on their terms. This makes teaching more effective and learning easier. Not to mention the fact that my wife is the best teacher on the face of this planet. How could our kids not learn?

Anyhow, I am getting tired. I will write again in a couple of days. I am working a half day tomorrow then the kids and I are going to camp out at the house for Friday and Saturday as mom will be at a women's retreat for the first half of the weekend. Think of me. Then remember that I enjoy my kids' company and having them for almost two whole days to myself is a joy and blessing to cherish.

Goodnight, sleep tight, don't write on a kite with no light without a fight.


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