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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I know I am bragging, but ...

I know I talk a lot about my kids and how amazed I am at their levels of intelligence. The other day I was awestruck at a conversation my two year old and I had. Yes, you read that right, my two year old and I actually had a conversation.

After an evening spent on a quest for all available Costco samples the girls and I left the store. My older three walking beside me and my two year old in the cart. She likes to ride in the back of the cart so she can walk around while we are moving (please do not send me your child endangerment comments as I will use them to line the bird cage or something). As we left Costco we ran the cart over the little pimply strip of beads just outside the loading area. We usually stay on them for a while so the kids can all get on the cart and feel the "bumpilies".

That night, during bed time, my two-year old asked me to lay with her and read her a book. OK, this may sound strange enough as it is, a two year old actually asking for this, but she did. She does everynight... "Dad, can you lay with me? Can you read a book for me?" No googoo gaga, no partial words, no implied meaning using grunts or finger pointing. Actual human intelligible words correctly connected using proper grammar and sentence structure. WOW.

Anyway, as I was laying with her after finishing out book, I asked her was she had done that day. She told me she "rode in the cart". I asked her if it was fun and she said "yes, we were on the bumpilies". I then asked her what the bumpilies felt like. She turned her head to the side as though she was thinking, paused for a moment and then said, "they feel like Veggie Tales." Stunned and confused, I asked her "Veggie Tales?" She said "Yeah, combination Veggie Tales." OK then, maybe she is two.

I have another funny about my older kids that I will save for another time. But I can say this, the hits just keep coming. Something new everyday for this blog. The kids love it. And so do mom and I.


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