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Friday, August 26, 2005

The helpfulness of children

My second daughter suggested I blog about her so I am going to accommodate her.

I suppose it would seem silly to say that with five children in the house all under ten years old, things get hectic. In the midst of the chaos mom and dad need a little bit of help when they can get it. Well, this particular post is about the help we get.

It seems that out older children are really starting to pick up the load quite a bit more. The other day I was told that my second daugther changed the baby all by herself. She also made mom coffee and helped with the dishes. These are the kinds of things that help a parent out. If there are any parents out there reading this, tell your kids its OK for them to help you with things that can be done by the kids. They will feel better about themselves for doing it and you will have the benefit of knowing that you children are being taught various responsibilities and a work ethic.

So thanks kids. For all your help. For all that you do. And for being kids. Because sometimes mom and I have to remember that you are, afterall, just kids. And we need to remember how much fun it is supposed to be just being a kid. I love you all. God bless you.


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