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Friday, July 29, 2005

Just like dad

That is just about all I can say. My wife took the boy in for a skin check-up yesterday (that's for a different post) and we found out that in 15 days he added 1 pound, 11 ounces in weight! That means that in his first month of life he gained 2 pounds, 13 ounces or an astonishing 40% of his birth weight.

Like father, like son, eh?

WOW the second (What a woman)
Speaking of taking the boy to the doctor, would you believe that my wife did this with all of the other kids in tow? What's more, she has ventured out with 5 kids since the baby was only 2 weeks old! How many other women would do something that crazy? That's right, none. Well maybe a few, but not very many.

My wife is a dream come true on so many levels. Somehow she manages to make it through each day, tired and worn out, without much ado. She teaches the kids, takes care of the kids, takes care of the household, takes care of me. I think if there were an award for the most Super Spectacular Woman/Wife/Mother, my wife would certainly win it.

Kids are excellent helpers
I am finding out that kids can be excellent assistants. Because of our current situation our older three kids (including our four year old) have been delegated quite a bit more responsibility than they previously had. And you know what? That have risen to the challenge. They are becoming more aware of things that need be done. They are doing things without being asked to do them. They are helping with the baby. They are doing their share and doing it with a good attitude. Praise God for these wonderful kids.

Well, it is that time again. I have got a lot to do and not nearly as much time as I'd like to do them. But how many husbands and fathers of five do you know that do?


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