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Thursday, June 30, 2005

He's finally here

My wife gave birth yesterday to our fifth child and first son. He was a week past due, but worth every minute of it. It's sort of a weird thing, but you would think that having been around to see the births of my four other children that I would be used to this type of thing already. Well, I'm not. With every child that my wife has delivered I have been a bundle of nerves. I have been silly with excitement. This one was no exception.

This little guy is way different
Of all of our kids this little fellow is by far the most laid back, quiet, relaxed kid we have had. He was very awake for the first few hours of his life and he hardly made a sound. He cried a few times here and there, but not like some of the other babies that were on the maternity ward floor where we were. He just kind of lays there, being cute and soaking everything in. He gets handled regularly by mom, myself and the nursing staff. But still, he just relaxes through it all. He is so cool.

Time to go
Mom is going to be released from the hospital in a little while. I am getting the house prepared this morning for their arrival and figured I'd take a little break to add a little to the blog. I will definitely put more up later. I mean, his four sisters are certainly going to give me a wealth of things to write about when it comes to having a new brother and all that other good stuff. Anyhow, til next time...


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