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Friday, July 15, 2005

1 lb, 2 oz, 1.5 inches -- 91 degrees of separation

Watch out, he's growing!
Yes, you read that right. He grew more than a full pound and an inch & a half in just two weeks. I know what your thinking. And no, my wife does not use performance enhancing supplements mixed in her breast milk. The good Lord has blessed my wife with the absolute most intense breast milk I have ever known about. All of the kids have been breast fed and all of them experienced ridiculous growth from the day they were born.

Hoo daddy, it's hot out dar.
I'll tell you what, it's been hotter than a square dance on the sun around here lately. The last few days we have had 90+ degree weather. Nice and hot, and clear and hot, and hot and hot. But the good news is the house cools down at about 3:00 AM, just in time for all of us to get ready to wake up.

But it's all good. We only have a few more months of this pleasent weather anyway.

On a side note, don't ask your kids to do something if you aren't prepared to receive any range of possible results. After asking my children to get their pajamas on (in 3 minutes) I called them into the living room to make sure that they had done what I asked. In comes my eight year old, dressed in her pink jammies. In comes my nine year old in her orange jammies. In comes my four year old...

... in her birthday suit...

... dancing.


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