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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Man, there's a lot going on

I'm sure if I wrote about everything we have going on right now I would be here for hours and the page would reach clear to the floor. So I won't do that. Instead I will just give a brief update.

Little swimmer girl
Our oldest daughter found out yesterday that she was invited to swim in the league championships this year. That is a large accomplishment seeing as this is her first year in organized swimming. We are so very proud of her. She is pretty stoked as well.

Little chef
Our second oldest daughter seems to be developing a penchant for cooking. Over the past few days she has helped with several meals that I have prepared and she is doing rather well. I guess we can add this to the list of other things she would like to learn, like horseback riding, rock climbing, baseball, soccer, swimming and oh my goodness, is this a long list.

Little readery kid
Our third daughter (4 years old) is reading just about everything that gets in her line of sight. Amazing thing, too. Just a few months ago she was learning what the letters were. Now she can read regular phonics as well as combination sounds. Like I've said before, it is shocking what a mom can teach a young child when given the chance. Mom has taught all of the kids how to read. Now our oldest is reading 100 page long books while we are still in the store. She is nine years old. Looks like our third daughter will be reading like her older sisters in no time at all.

Little growing up bucket
Our youngest daughter just grew up yesterday. Well not actually yesterday, but just over the last few weeks she has gone from being a little toddler to a full fledged young girl. She is having conversations with us. She is voicing her opinions. She is understanding almost everything we tell her. Oh yeah, and she is still as intense as always.

Little clean boy
Our son had his first bath today. He really enjoyed it. He just laid there and got clean and let us take all kinds of pictures of him. Man, this kid is so much different than our other ones at this age. But laid back is good. It makes it a lot easier to take care of the other kids in the house.

One loopy Mommy
Here's one for the late night dinner discussions. Mom walks into the kitchen this morning and throws the switch on the wall to "On". She seems suddenly shocked to hear the garbage disposal running until she realizes she threw the wrong switch. She wanted to turn on the lights. This doesn't seem like such a big mistake... until you realize that the light switch is on the wall opposite the disposal switch. Did I mention that we are tired?

That is all for now. Just the meat and potatoes of it. Mmm, potatoes... Isn't it about lunch time?


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