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Monday, July 04, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes

No, babe's. You know, young humans? Our four year old daughter today did something terribly funny. My wife and I were out of the room for a minute to get something from the kitchen. When my wife returned she began laughing. Then she called out to me. When I went into the living room I started laughing. While we were out (famous last words of a parent, eh?) our daughter placed a Winnie the Pooh wash cloth hand puppet thing on our newborn baby boy's face. When asked why she had done this, she replied...

"Because I wanted him to look pretty."

Duh, I mean why else would a four year old put a towel on a baby's face? Needless to say she got a kick out of this as did the whole house. And fortunately for all, the baby can't walk yet or I am sure he would have chased her down the hallway to do God-knows-what to her when he caught her.

That is my magic parenting moment for the evening. TTFN.


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