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Monday, July 25, 2005

Where you been at?

Whew! I am not sure if this is real or not, but I am going to keep typing until I wake up or hit the submit button.

Things have been hectic lately. The baby, who was very small when he was born, suddenly realized that he likes to eat. A lot. So he does. Then he sleeps. For a few minutes. Then wakes up because he wants to eat again. Yeah, that's not going to make anyone else in the house more tired that normal.

The good news is that my oldest's swimming season will be coming to a close this weekend. I say good news only because it will free up almost two hours each afternoon that I can use to clean, cook, teach, play, program, play, eat or play. It is a bittersweet ending of the season, though. I do get a lot of parental satisfaction from seeing my oldest daughter, who just a year ago was frightened to be held in the water, swimming with the big fish, touching the bottom of a nine foot deep pool, diving and all the rest of the stuff that a swimmer does. And if that's not enough, my eight year old seems to have taken a liking to the sport now.

At the team awards night the other day my eight year old was swimming, diving and having a good old time in the pool. I was most impressed with her diving. She has that down pat. She has always been an athletic kid. I will be very interested to see what next year will hold for our three oldest daughters, who as of this year, have committed to swimming next year.

Ooh, ooh. Speaking of next year, I am going to be the teams webmaster. I volunteered for that position for next and I am already looking at taking the team to the net bigtime. I am going to host the team site at It is still under develolpment right now, but it should be throwing content very soon. I am hoping that after this is done that I can work on the East Bay Swim League official website. We'll see.

Anyhow, I need to get. Time, she is a pressing on. If I am not watchful, she might leave without me.


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