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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Swim season is over. The boy smiled.

My goodness, the league championships were absolutely intense! Here's the scene: 1,200 hundred kids (100 kids from each of 12 teams) converge on a local community college. They scream, cheer, draw all over each other, swim, play, swim, play, pack and go home after being at the college for 9+ hours. And did I mention 1,200 hundred kids?

One of the bright spots is that my oldest daughter competed well. She didn't win any medals or ribbons, but she swam some good races, had fun and made a lot of friends. My wife and I were able to do the same thing throughout the year. And next year ought to be a lot more fun. We expect that our 9 year old will return next year and that our 8 year old and 4 year old will want to swim next year as well. I am sure that come April 2006, you will see a good number of blog posts about the kids once again.

Seeing as the swim season is now over I have a little bit of time to dedicate to other things. One of the other things that I am planning on working on is The Official Newark Bluefins swim team web site. I am also planning on developing the Official East Bay Swim League web site while developing the sites of all the other teams in the league. That is going to be a massive undertaking, but I think it will turn out good.

The boy can smile
Today, while my wife was touching the boy's cheek, he smiled. He was awake, which surprised my wife. She wanted me to blog about it, so I am. He is so adorable, and his skin is getting better after a bad bout with eczema. Now if only our two year old would stop being afflicted by skin issues, everyone, but mostly she, would be a lot happier. Maybe after the summer heat starts to drop everything will clear up. We'll see.

Until later, happy reading. Stay cool. Go Bluefims (yes, Bluefims - I'll blog about this later).


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