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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Measuring the cost

Man, things are expensive! I had to send a document to Missouri by Friday. Today is Wednesday. I figured I would go to FedEx and send the thing overnight for a couple of dollars. FedEx figured differently.

I found out that to send a single page document by FedEx from Northern California to Missouri costs $21. Of course, had I been sending this to a business it would have only cost $19. And if I would be satisfied with it getting there by Monday, it would have only cost $12.50.

OK, back to reality. If I hadn't mentioned this before, I have a wife and five children. I live in Northern California, possibly the most expensive area on the West side of the country. I am not paying $21 to send a stinking envelope overnight. Call me cheap (I prefer frugal, but to each his own), but $21 just seems unreasonable. So I went to the US POst Office.

I was surprised. I was able to get a guaranteed Friday delivery for only $13.65. And all these years I thought the postal service was more expensive than the others. Well, for you folks out there that ship things, the USPS might not be a bad way to go. Plus my sister works for the USPS so I am sure she will get some pleasure in knowing that I am supporting her carreer in some way.

Anyway, it's hot and I need to cool down. I'll write again later.


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