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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Palm Pilate and a mysterious music making machine

I wonder, sometimes, how it is that God can fit so much humor, cuteness and entertainment into such little packages as kids. There have been probably 20 different instances in the last few days where someone in the family said "We need to blog about that.". We only have five kids, and only four of them are of speaking age, but man when they speak, the essence of youth comes flying out of their mouths.

A few nights ago, for example, my eight year old was talking about some of the things she done thoughout the day and she began to tell us how the cd player she and her sisters share was playing music. And then her eyes got big and her voice got excited and she said "And there wasn't even a CD or cassette in it either!". The thought! My wife and I found this to particularly cute seeing as my eight year old had no clue that the CD player was a stereo as well.

That same night as we were all finishing up dinner, our two year old said to my wife, "I'm done mom." My wife asked her "Are you sure you don't want anymore?" to which my two year old replied "No mom, I'm finished". My two year old has been speaking in complete sentences since she was about 21 months old. She is now 26 months old. Is anyone else out there weirded out at the thought of a freshly two year old child being able to express her thoughts and feelings to you... in words? We'll just leave this one at that.

And last night at the dinner table I was doing Bible trivie with the kids. I usually pick names of people or places to quiz the kids and last night was no exception. As we going through some questions I asked the kids the name of the High Priest at the time of Christ. After a little bit of silence my eight year old comes back with "PALM PILOT! No wait, Pontius Pilate." Not that either of these two answers were correct, but I will say this... wasn't that one of the cutest things to come out of a childs vocalized thought?

Anyway, enough for now. In a few days I am going to post about Brainmail and how to configure your Brainmail servers. My wife and I are also going to be putting up our "Seven steps to maintaining a last relationship". I think both will give you a few smiles.

Until then, God bless you. And please keep the families in New Orleans and other parts of the south affected by Hurricane Katrina in your prayers.


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