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Monday, October 03, 2005

News from the cute

So it has been a while since something tickled me. But today there were a couple of things.

My two year old daughter was sitting with me on the couch when she looks down the hallway, points at the bathroom and says "My bath is coming." That was so cute to me. Then she says "It's my bath time and it's {NAME_REMOVED} bath time. Can I go?" So naturally I told her "You are too cute." to which she replied "No I'm not". So I said again "You are too cute" and she again replied "No I'm not". After a bit of volleying over this matter, she finally appended her response with "No I'm not, I'm {NAME_REMOVED}."

Taken back by this cuteness I called me wife over and had her listen to another exchange of this father-daughter conversation. After it ended the way it had the first time, my wife told my daughter, "You are so cute" to which my daughter replied "No I'm not". Can you see where that one went?

In other astonishing news
At the dinner table my wife was having the kids go over how a person can be respectful in various situations (at the store, at someone's home, when others are at our home, etc). After a lot of very good answers from my five year old, eight year and nine year old, my oldest, the nine year old, said "We should not take advantage of other people's hospitality". Huh? Where the heck does a nine year old learn to talk like that?

Oh wait, that's right. Mom and dad teach the kids in our house. Hey, this stuff really works!

And if you think it doesn't, the other night a friend of ours gave us some old curriculum of theirs that they used for homeschooling. Some of the tools were little question and answer cards that had "Ages 7 to 9" enscribed on them. As I was reading the questions I was awestruck to find that many of the questions were of a caliber that my five year old could answer. In fact, my eight and nine year old's asked me to give them harder questions because the ones I had given them "were too easy". Again, this stuff really works!

Any how, enough of this "My kids are so freakin' smart" stuff. It's not that I don't like bragging about them and how well their mother has taught them. It's just that it is getting late and I would like to get some rest. You should, too. Tomorrow is a big day.

Keep praying for the victims of Katrina and Rita. With enough prayer and support we can all help restore their land and bring restoration to their communities.


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