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Friday, October 28, 2005

What an insane week

Man, this week has been crazy. It seemed to be the usual business... PE for the kids on Monday, other studies throughout the week. Mom has a meeting that she attends on Tuesdays. I was pitching web development proposal on Tuesday. Other than that though I couldn't tell where the rest of the week went.

It seems that in the midst of being busy that I somehow misplaced my stability. I did however find a suitable substitute in disorganization, lack of leadership and complete overwheliming tiredness. Whew, glad that was all there for me. Not quite sure what I would have done otherwise.

Now it is time for the weekend. And I am really glad that I have the next couple of days off. I miss my family. I want to spend time with them. Granted I will probably be painting or cleaning this weekend. But at least it will be at home with the wife and kids instead of away from. I hope I get to soak them up because I really do miss them.

OK, now I am getting teary eyed. I should stop. Plus, I don't want you to start feeling sorry me or something. But you can if you want to. Maybe then you might buy the stuff I listed on eBay. And if not, then I will still be enjoying my family. Maybe you could do the same. I bet they miss you.


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