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Sunday, October 23, 2005

eBaying my way to millions

So I just finished listing the first 12 of about fifty things that I plan on selling on eBay. I believe that I am a full fledged eBay junkie. Or maybe I am just a guy trying to take care of my family while at the same time avoiding the trauma of having a garage sale. Anyway, take a look at my auctions and tell me what you think. Or better yet, why not buy something? That way I can get lots of money and you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped me do it?

Yeah, I agree that was probably not the best marketing a guy could offer. But hey, at least it is truth in advertising. Have a good one and I will post later. My son is screaming his head off right now. I think he needs some dad time. I know I can use some son time. See you later.


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