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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hola Noviembre

Well, it seems like we just got done putting the Christmas tree stand away and already it is time for Christmas again. No joke, seriously, I just put the Christmas tree stand away last weekend. OK, I know what you're thinking. What kinda redneck leaves his Christmas tree stand out for eleven stinkin' months, then puts it away a month before getting another tree?

Me, that's who. Of course, in my defense, I didn't even realize Spring was over until I heard the weatherman say the other day "Today is going to be a usual Autumn day". Autumn, what the...? All of a sudden I spring into action, clean out the garage, set my clocks back an hour and BAM... it's November.

Finally, a chance to catch my breath. No biggie. I will probably be up the day after Thanksgiving setting out the Christmas lights all over the house. But they are so pretty so it makes it fun. Not to mention the kids really get happy when they see the lights on the house. That by itself makes it worth it.

Enough rambling. I just wanted to say HI! because it has been a while. I will be posting pictures of the kids and their Halloween costumes in a few days. Oh yeah, if you haven't seen the movie Dreamer yet, go see it. And take the kids with you. It is an excellent movie.

Until next time. Now where did I put that Christmas tree stand...


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