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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How smart can she be?

OK, I am going to spill the beans. I have a daughter that is addicted to blogging. So much so that she asked me for her own blog for Christmas. Not that this is an outrageous request, but she is only none years old.

Nonetheless, I, being that geek that I am, decided to appease my daughter and set her up a blog. Her first blog post reminded me that she is full of stuff to say and that she is, after all, nine years old.

Well, to add to this story a bit, my wife was going to get on the Internet this morning and she went to open Mozilla Firefox when my two year old saw what she was doing and exclaimed...

"Mommy, that is!" Man, that girl is so advanced for her age. Anyhow, she amazes me with her cognitive abilities. Just thought I'd share that with you.

And if you are interested in what a nine-year old and her younger sisters and friends have to say, swing on by to Merry Christmas sweetheart.


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