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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Being sick womps

Yesterday afternoon (about 2:00 PM or so) I felt fine. Yesterday evening (at about 6:00 PM) I felt like crud. What gives?

How can a person get sick and start to feel like garbage in the span of a few hours? I mean, it was the total package. Headache, fever, throat, ears, weekness, tiredness. All within a few hours.

Man, if I find the guy who wrote this virus...

Rodeo, rodeo, where for you at?
I was watching rodeo earlier today and I got thinking. Who would have ever thought of getting on the back of a wild horse, or a bull with a nasty dispostion, and riding the varmint until it bucked you off? Am I missing something here? OK, OK, I know that football is another one of those sports that makes you ask yourself "What the...?". But I am a severe football fan, so I will leave the sport alone for now.

But really, what's with steer raslin', cattle ropin' and bull ridin'? At what point does a person, sitting on top of an agitated bovine, think to themselves "Man I love this sport. Yeehawww!"? Oh well, if it pays the bills, so be it.

Christmas and the lightning fast lips of a child
When developing his theory of relativity, I don't think that Einstein ever took into consideration the speed at which a child's mouth moves when walking down the toy aisle at Walmart. Or how fast a parent will swipe their card to make Christmas memorable... again.

Nighty night. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?


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