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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hasta la 2006

So here we sit, the younger 40% of our kids (and a full 57.14% of out entire household) are recovering from a nasty flu. I was thinking that my wife and I could be out hooping it up, dancing and singing and drinking and revelling the night away. But nooooooo. Instead we get to remain imprisoned in our sick house sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, with stuffy heads and needing to rest. And two of our youngest are sharing in this joy with us.

So, rather than torture myself with what could be (not that my wife and I would have gone anywhere anyway), I was thinking that I would take a look back at 2005 and regail you with stories of our cutenesses and cuddliness. By I can't remember past two hours ago, so I will just have to use that time frame.

We just finished dinner a little bit ago. As we were finishing dinner our five year old was having a hard time putting down her last few bites. My wife told her to eat her broccoli. My five year old, without hesitation, turned to my wife, opened her hand to expose a semi-eaten peice of pork and asked, "What about this?". Hmmm, what about that?

At the same time our two year old was sitting in her chair with her shirt around her waist. I guess what I mean is my daughter put both of her arms through her neck hole in the shirt and slid the shirt down to her waist as she turned back and forth like the spin cycle of our washer machine. Very cute, until she took her plate and turned it upside down making a colorful mess of dinner spilt nicely across our table. Not so cute.

So after dinner we served up desert. As my wife served our two year old her piece of strawberry cheesecake my daughter looked to my wife and asked "Is it blueblerries?". Yes sweetheart, it is blueblerries.

Ending it off with some photos
Twas the boys first Christmas...

And under the tree...

Was a boy that was eating the lights' energy,

The two year old stuffed with frosting so green,

And the five year old's so fivey that she now eats clean.

The eight year old's happy that Felicity's here,

And Sarah can blog about Marisol with cheer.

Look, just what she wanted, a frame oh so old...
No wait, it IS sparkly and set in gold.
So away put this Christmas, wrap it up with out fear,
It will be back again in the Happy New Year!

So my rhyming needs work, big deal... Happy new year to you all. May God richly bless you in 2006 and may you be completely victimized by the abundance, grace and mercy of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.


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