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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bush-a-beece after sikabetty

I knew a title like that would make you want to read more! So exactly what am I saying? I think a better question is what is my two year old trying to say with that.

If you have read anything here you would know that everyday I am astounded at how advanced my two year old is. She has been showing signs of extreme intelligence and common sense since she was able to move. One thing that she has shown extremely strong growth in is vocabulary and speaking.

Of course, she has an advantage over other two year old kids. First, my daughter has three older sisters that constantly show her the ropes. She is in their back pockets all the time so she has no other option than to learn.

Second, she has a mother that could easily be voted the best teacher in the country if homeschooling mothers were given a second thought when it comes to education.

Thirdly, she comes from a smart heritage. Her mother and I are very smart people (not to be conceited; we are just smart folk).

So when my daughter speaks I expect that the words coming out of her mouth will be intelligible words that your common adult speaker would not only understand but be able to respond to. But then there are times when she is just totally two years old.

Take tonight for example. In her words we were having "meatballs, garlic bread and sikabetty". Isn't that sooo cute? She can say almost every word in her vocabulary with ease, but spaghetti seems to not want to come out straight. Sikabetty. Ha, that is plain two years old.

Not to be silenced by that piece of cuteness, one other word (or words) that she gets a little twisted is "brush my teeth". To her it is "bush a beece". Every night as a matter of fact, when the bigger sisters go to the bathroom to brush their teeth, right behind them is a little daughter running and screaming "I need to bush a beece!". Oh the joy...

From the desk of a nine year old Sarah
Did you hear about the young couple that wanted to get married at Yosemite National Park? They had their wetting ceremony at the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls.
Disclaimer: This was not the original use of the joke. All representations of the joke made by dad are not covered by any warranty, expressed or implied. Your reading of this joke is your agreement to be bound by the funniness contained therein without malice or contempt.

Hope you enjoyed. Good night.


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