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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The tastebuds on my teeth

I know it has been quite a while since I wrote. Let's just say things are getting better now that the holidays are over. Our family has settled the uprising launched by the closets and the closets have agreed, for the time being, to maintain their peace enclosed on nicely labeled and neatly placed cubic cells. I would like to thank ambassador wife for providing the necessary efforts to straighten the closets' ill-conceived takeover of the Gonzalez house. Good job sweetie.

On another note, as part of our treaty with the closets we agreed to rearrange our bedroom. As part of our rearrangement arrangement we moved our home network communications and print center to another wall in our bedroom. So I began the process of relocating our network center, and after an exhausting wrestling match involving me, an extension cord, several network cables and a phone line or two, I succesfully moved our stuff.

Now let me tell you a thing or two about reconnecting your network equipment. First, place all your equipment where you want it to go, then plug the items back in to their power source. I speak from experience as I found this out in shocking fashion.

I had already placed and connected our modem and as I was measuring the power cable length I would need for our router, I noticed that my hands were too full of things to hold the power cord for the router. As a man, I pride myself on my ability to use my mouth as a third hand. Forgetting that the extension cord that powers the router was already plugged in I discovered first hand that electricity tastes like rust.

After laughing at me and questioning the mental state in which I make network reconnection decisions, my wife asked how I was. To her credit, she did ensure that I was not dead prior to asking me how I was. I thought for a second, before answering her question, then replied that my teeth still tasted a little like rust and I thought my lip was emitting its own electrical signal. My wife kindly reminded me that my teeth don't have tastebuds and that it might be wise to see a doctor.

Doctor? Yeah right. I don't need no stinking doctor! In fact, as soon as my fingertips stop popping and my hair uncurls, I am blogging about this one!


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