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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

So, today is my birthday. And althought I am writing this in the future, I am going to write as though it just took place. That's just me. You're kinda stuck with it if you want to read, so, without further ado...

I had a good Thursday. I woke up and realized that I was another year older. And probably a few pounds heavier. A little balder, a little uglier and quite a bit darker. So after looking at myself in the mirror and feeling like a complete peice of garbage, I decided that I would attempt to have a good day anyway.

I ended up at work and had a regular day. My boss bought me lunch and I finished up the day. I got home and then the fun started. We rushed to get out of the house in time for swim practice. Rushed is the best way to describe it because we had to get dressed for dinner. Not that this sounds like a lot, until you remember that my family has seven members (two are essentially babies, the other three are girls and my wife is a woman). I quickly threw some shorts and sandals on and off we went.

After practice we hit up Black Angus. Have you ever seen 10 people cram around a table for dinner on a Thursday evening at Black Angus. If you haven't, tonight would have been a great night because the table just to the side of us had a family larger than ours eating at it. And, it happened to be our oldest daughter's swim coach!

Anyway, dinner with the family and a heaping load of happy birthday's made this one of my favorite birthdays on record. I am such a blessed man. And I wanted anyone that reads this to know. My family is awesome. Good job kids!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

She is the queen of all the land

So on more than one ocassion the discussion has come up about whose wife is the hottest. And without flinching I always chime in that mine is. There are several men who would agree with me, though their wives may not. But what is important is that I back up my claim with some form of proof. So I took out the camera, prepared a quick photo shoot and BAM! Proof. So here, here is the proof. Just please don't use these for evil. She is way too pretty for that.

Now tell me she ain't the tastiest mother of five, 11 year wife you have laid your eyes on. And just wait until she gets her personal trainers certification... hooo baby, that's gonna be some fun.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday America

No song. No dance. Just a heck of a lot of appreciate to the United States of American and to the men and women that offer the lives in pursuit of protecting freedom across the globe. May God richly bless you.