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Monday, August 07, 2006

Chones Grandotes

Man dats sum kayn kyna biug.

My wife went shopping the other day. No condolensces please, she has gotten a lot better. But she came home with some things for our trip to Disneyland we are taking in September. One of those things she got was new underwear for the kids.

NOTE: Before you think weird of me, please understand that this is about the chones, not the kids.
Anyway, my nine year old pulled up her pack, opened them up and shrieked in disbelief 'These things are huge!'. And they were. My wife's response was 'They'll shrink when we wash them.' which they didn't. Nosiree, they are still as large as an English muffin to an ant.

These things remind me of a fumigation tent for a doll house. They are large, full bodied unerbreeches that could potentially double as a hammock for the small size person. Or as a back up canopy top for our gazebo in the back yard. Yes ladies and gentlemen, they are some big chones.

And I wish you could have seen my daughters reaction when she opened them...


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