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Saturday, April 08, 2006

What is that sound?

We (when I say we I mean my wife) were making dinner last night as I began to hear this weird sizzling/spraying/flowing sound. I asked my wife if she heard it as she said it was the sound of the french fries in the oven sizzling on our Pampered Chef baking stone. Paying no mind to this I carried on about my business of eating the wonderful dinner that we... er, my wife... prepared.

As I was cleaning up after dinner I began to notice that the sound was not changing even though the french fries had been taken out of the oven. Looking a little deeper (as most professional problem solvers do) I opened the cabinet to the side of the oven and saw water all over the place as the sound got louder. Then I noticed it.

Apparently the people that lived in this house before had a refrigerator that had the little water filler doohickey on the door. And when they moved, instead of taking the hose connection from the water supply line under the sink with them, the capped it... at the end of the 10 foot hose.

After some amount of time anyone with half an ounce of common sense would know that plastic would harden and become unstable. And so it did. Yesterday. In my cabinet.

The good news is that Home Depot is open at 8:00 PM. The bad news is, of the 300 some odd parts they have for plumbing component, the one piece of equipment I needed was the one that was not scheduled to come into the store for a week and a half. Well, then... what is there to say of such a thing? THANK GOD FOR MCGIVER!

After quickly scanning the little baggies of brass fitting and fixtures I found what I needed to engineer me a fix. And thank God for that. Without those pieces we... er, I... would not have been able to dishes this morning.

PS You want this story from the perspective of a 10 year old (a new 10 year old, at that!)? Read about it at Sarah's Blog.


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