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Sunday, April 30, 2006

So I lied... Sort of

I know I just said that I was not going to talk about the reception we had after my son's dedication. And for the most part I am sticking to that. But I just got my pictures out of my camera so I wanted to share them with you. Here are a few of my favorites...

It is probably not a widely-known thing, but snails love to live in my agapanthus plants. Of course, kids know this. These kids are well on their way to collecting over 100 snails that will later be used for flinging across the street, stepping on and other grody things

Every once in a while a kid is blessed with an insane ability to perform a task. This is my Godson and he can catch anything. Yes, anything. Geese? Done. Lizards? Done. Crickets? Done. I truly believe there is not a thing on this planet that this boy cannot catch. This is him with an unusually large cricket. Which he caught. In my yard.

Whose got attitude? I've got attitude. So what if I'm two? I am the coolest two year old around.

This is a friend of my wife (the older one) whom my wife has known since she was six. The baby she is holding is her and husband's newest addition. This is their second child and second daughter. Hey, a few more kids and maybe they can be like my wife and I. Hmmm? Three more? C'mon, you guys can do it.

This is my brother and my sister. Not much to say, except it is a rare event to get them in the same frame together and get them on film (or in this case, on disk).

This is my 11 year old niece. She is my very first niece (my sister's daughter). She has brand new braces. Can you tell?

My second niece and my fourth neice. The older one is my sister's second daughter, the younger one is my brother's second daughter. Aren't they cute? I thought so.
OK, no more pictures. My wife and I need rest. So does this blog. If the keys on my keyboard hurt nearly as much as my fingers and wrists, then we all need a nice long rest.



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