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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Reester Bunny strikes hard

None of us are safe from the wiles of the Reester Bunny. You know him. That brownish looking creature that wreaks havoc every year near the Jewish feast of Passover. Oh sure, he looks cute and cuddly, complete with the pink sugary bows and pastel colored eggs in his basket. But boy howdy, this little critter packs a punch.

The case of the missing Rapunzel
Not to be outdone by the sugar-hyped Easter bunny, the mysterious stealer of little things girlie managed his way back into our kids' collection of very small, but very cute, toys today. Authorities at first suspected it was possibly the handy work of the sticky fingered toy taker. However, after an exhaustive investigation and doll-hunt for the missing Rapunzel, she was discovered behind the microwave cart in the dark corner of the kitchen.

Needless to say, there was much rejoicing and clapping of hands.

The case of the missing train of thought
Now this one caught us all off guard. You would think that with a family of seven (predominantly children) living in a house there would be all sorts of juicy news to write about. And there is. Except that the stealer of things thought related has apparently caught a ride on my train of thought and took it to the nearest hidden place. Oh well, as soon as that train returns to the station I will try to think of something to write about. Until then, from the mouth of my five year old...



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